Sunday, November 25, 2012

Canvas bulletin board

Hello everyone. I have a new project to show you. Lately I have been obsessed with canvas. I think it is because I saw something in Scrapbooking Studio and wanted to try to re-create it. And my craft club decided to do a canvas project this week. So here is what I made. (I am not sure it is exactly like it should be because I had to miss class. My husband's grandmother passed away and we had to leave town to attend the funeral).

Anyway, here is the project.
Items used:
11X14 stretched canvas
2 sheets 12x12 patterend paper
2 flowers
Scroll cut with Cricut
2 strips ribbon (one for bow, and one to go across bottom of page)
3 magnets
Wording of your choice
Metal cut 5X7 (not sure what kind, but very thin metal)