Sunday, January 6, 2013


Yesterday I took a class at the Scrapbooking Studio. The class was called Project Life. Basically it is a class to learn to document even the small things in life and then put them into a scrapbook. Week by week, month by month. Then next year, or the year after, you can browse through and see what you did all year. I think the biggest thing i was taught is that even the most insignificant things in your everyday life might be something that you would look back at next year.

Document when you went to eat that good chicken at Cracker Barrel (you know, the kind that reminds you of Grandma Elzy's fried chicken). Write down that you went to an antique store and you just had to buy something (like the bazillionth cigar box, just because it was a neat one).

Will you be doing the same things next year? Will you be watching the same shows or reading the same books or doing the same kind of crafts? You may not know unless you document your life!