Sunday, August 28, 2011

Christmas Calendar

Ok, so I have not gotten the hang of how to upload pictures of projects in my own blog!

I wanted to show you a Christmas calendar I made. So...let me just tell you how I did it. I bought thirteen 4X6 pieces of chipboard. (You can just use 12X12 sheets and cut them yourself -- might be cheaper.) Then I wrote down on a scrap piece of paper 25 things I would do in the month of December. This was a tough one - I could think of some but not all. Then, I cut paper and covered the chipboard. Based on the theme for the day, I added stickers, ribbon, or other embellishments, along with the date and the topic for the day.

Some of my items included: Watch Elf, decorate the tree, buy your White Elephant Christmas gift, buy a gift for someone less fortunate, and last but not least, Happy Birthday Jesus.

If you make this yourself, be creative. Have fun. And have lots of glue!

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